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A Dazzling Jewelry Box of Unique Hand-Made Pieces

Published May 7, 2015 by mollyglows


I’ve discovered that sometimes brilliant colours created by enamelling even the simplest pieces make jewellery makings a fascinating craft. Even with metal, I’m slowly learning how to turn wire, brass, copper and silver into intricate jewelery with nothing more complicated than a pair of pliers. I’ve also discovered that with a few modern lightweight little jewelry making tools, easily available with short term loans from companies like, it is possible to solder, weld, cut, cast and etch at home and make some unique jewelery pieces.

I’ve discovered that the first steps in jewelery making are often the most exciting, With just a few threading and knotting techniques and just a little bit of knowledge of the right threads and fastenings, I’ve actually created a dazzling treasure chest of necklaces and bracelets. Another bonus with learning to make jewelery, is that you can also fix up any broken pieces, but thats just by the way. I’ve literally become carried away with making my pet love…necklaces.

Preparing for Contests

I’m planning on entering jewelery making contests, and  just love seeing the unique and very personal pieces emerging. Jewelery making can be surprisingly inexpensive too, and craft shops, believe me, are literal Aladdin’s Caves for jewelery makers like me. I’m talking about glass beads, wooden balls, rough cut stones, bamboo and ceramics cut in myriads of shapes. You’ll find wire, string, leather, fishing nylon.. simply put, you find exactly what you want. Once you’ve learned how to drill holes, mould clay and work metal… you’ll be carried away with enthusiasm like me as you strive towards well-finished, amazing looking  jewelry.


My Alternative to Christmas Shopping

Published December 10, 2014 by mollyglows


warmth comes from friends and sof candlelight

I never have enough money to buy the perfect gifts. It’s not that I don’t save, because I follow my budget. It is my budget that prevents my shopping with the wild abandon my friends whine about once the season ends. I refuse to buy regret!

I like cooking and entertaining, so I have a few friends up for dinner and dessert, peppered with telly breaks for favourite shows. It’s not like everything stops for the telly; our conversations ramble on and we tend to take turns following whatever plot there might be. A freshly hoovered floor serves as extra seating and a place to bed down, after too much lager. The next day’s proper fry-up is a group effort. Each person fixes a portion  of the morning meal. Everyone helps with clean up, then they fade away to sleep more at home, deliver their Christmas gifts, the late ones or to play football with the pub team.

Since none of us really have family around, it’s nice to gather as our own, chosen family group. I think this gift, the gift of time and sharing, is more meaningful than running to the shops, spending on credit cards, then eating beans until July!