About Molly

Hello to everyone!

I am Molly. I spend my free time thinking up cool wire wrapped jewelry. My house has more than a few shelves of books, I love cooking, and I’m single. Balancing my daily sensibilities against my crafting urges is difficult, so I’ve taken a roommate. She keeps loneliness at bay and she’s down to the pub with me on Fridays and Saturdays. My favourite dish? Scotch eggs come to mind, but I can’t eat those too often.  After all, a single girl, or any girl, has to watch her weight. If I eat Scotch eggs, I can’t have Fish-n-Chips!

This blog will be about my minor woes and my major dreams, alongside my jewelry crafting. I’ll talk about pieces that inspire me and where I find the best tutorials! I may also throw questions to my readers, to see if anyone can help me. You can never be so proud that you can’t ask for help. Right?



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