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A commission has come in. Yea!!

Published September 6, 2015 by mollyglows

Well I am taking a break from my wire jewelry to go back to some bead weaving because…drum roll! I have some orders, it’s been a case of someone admiring something I’d done and then contacting me. I have been asked to do 20 necklaces in an African beaded style called the African Helix, for a dance presentation, so I am in for a few frustrating days as they are all same design and colours but it’s my first commission and I am so excited. I have done these before but take a look at this African helix tutorial if you want to learn how. I’ve been asked to do the colours fuchsia and blue and I found these fantastic fuchsia beads on the GJ beads site, they arrived today and they are gorgeous and go really well with some blue beads I already have.

Fuchsia lined crystal 25g Miyuki beads for African Heliz necklaces

Gorgeous aren’t they?


I also eventually got around to ordering my loom from the same site, I ordered the Ricks Bead Loom  and it’s looking good, not actually got around to using it yet but will soon as I plan to get started on Christmas presents – beaded bracelets very soon. I like to do so many a month so I don’t get overwhelmed and as I already have 6 orders for some I will have to start earlier this year. I also bought myself a book on designs for beading on a loom and through it and there are some really interesting designs I would like to have a go on.  I have also found a lovely pattern for Elven queen bracelet  and quite fancy one for myself, so might take a night out and make one.

An essential tool for jewelry making a Ricks Bead Loom

Ricks Bead Look