Plans for Seed Beads

Published December 30, 2014 by mollyglows

Delicate, yet stunning, seed bead jewelry is a favourite project.

I simply love seed beads. Relative inexpensive, they arrive in small boxes or plastic bags and I’ll leave them in their original package for weeks, just admiring them.  I find using them difficult. They are so pretty that I dread the moment when I use the last one in a necklace, bookmark or pair of earrings.

I am saving for a good bead loom because I’m tired of using needles for everything. My eyes have trouble focusing on the nearly microscopic eyes of the hair-like ,smooth beading needles, and the twisted needles are not very versatile. I’ll still use them for open weave patterns, though. I found inspirational pieces at Lux Mystica Beadworks, so all I need do is practice a bit, then grab the graph paper to create my first, original loom design. That sounds quite simple but I learned, long ago, that I’ll practice for months before I am confident enough to strike out on my own!

I have considered selling my designs or the actual pieces made from them, but I fear doing so will end the fun and replace it with stress. However, a successful craft website might loosen the financial corsetry I currently live with.

Have you ever considered selling your crafts?


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