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Plans for Seed Beads

Published December 30, 2014 by mollyglows

Delicate, yet stunning, seed bead jewelry is a favourite project.

I simply love seed beads. Relative inexpensive, they arrive in small boxes or plastic bags and I’ll leave them in their original package for weeks, just admiring them.  I find using them difficult. They are so pretty that I dread the moment when I use the last one in a necklace, bookmark or pair of earrings.

I am saving for a good bead loom because I’m tired of using needles for everything. My eyes have trouble focusing on the nearly microscopic eyes of the hair-like ,smooth beading needles, and the twisted needles are not very versatile. I’ll still use them for open weave patterns, though. I found inspirational pieces at Lux Mystica Beadworks, so all I need do is practice a bit, then grab the graph paper to create my first, original loom design. That sounds quite simple but I learned, long ago, that I’ll practice for months before I am confident enough to strike out on my own!

I have considered selling my designs or the actual pieces made from them, but I fear doing so will end the fun and replace it with stress. However, a successful craft website might loosen the financial corsetry I currently live with.

Have you ever considered selling your crafts?


My Alternative to Christmas Shopping

Published December 10, 2014 by mollyglows


warmth comes from friends and sof candlelight

I never have enough money to buy the perfect gifts. It’s not that I don’t save, because I follow my budget. It is my budget that prevents my shopping with the wild abandon my friends whine about once the season ends. I refuse to buy regret!

I like cooking and entertaining, so I have a few friends up for dinner and dessert, peppered with telly breaks for favourite shows. It’s not like everything stops for the telly; our conversations ramble on and we tend to take turns following whatever plot there might be. A freshly hoovered floor serves as extra seating and a place to bed down, after too much lager. The next day’s proper fry-up is a group effort. Each person fixes a portion  of the morning meal. Everyone helps with clean up, then they fade away to sleep more at home, deliver their Christmas gifts, the late ones or to play football with the pub team.

Since none of us really have family around, it’s nice to gather as our own, chosen family group. I think this gift, the gift of time and sharing, is more meaningful than running to the shops, spending on credit cards, then eating beans until July!