Hidalgo Jewelry – For The Modern Lady

Published March 21, 2016 by mollyglows

Hidalgo jewelry

I know this for a fact: Women will always wear jewellery that shows off their individual style. Hidalgo Jewelry is one of the most sought after collections due to its uniqueness and statement style. They feature a diverse collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, which means that there will always be something for everyone. It is also important to note that many celebrities and artists have on numerous occasions been seen wearing Hidalgo ornaments. This is mainly attributed to the definitive designs with close attention to detail that the company produces. Some of the materials used to produce these exquisite pieces include 18K gold (rose and white), enamel and platinum. Similarly, each watch is custom-made and finished in Switzerland. Diamonds are also used to make intricate rings that provide a strong fashion statement. Hidalgo has clearly made a name for themselves by creating jewellery that goes well with different contemporary styles. Finally, I recommend checking out Hidalgo’s stackable bracelets, which exude elegance through their natural colours. Are you passionate or madly in love with Hidalgo Jewelry? If so, leave a comment and let’s continue this discussion.


3 Home made ways to clean Silver Jewelry

Published January 5, 2016 by mollyglows

Home made ways to clean Silver Jewelry

Gold is easy to maintain as it hardly oxidizes. However my favorite metal for jewellery i.e. silver tarnishes over time and needs upkeep. If you take them to a jeweler for cleaning they will charge you, and also you have to wait for it to be done. What if you could do it at home with things you have? Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well I am going to share a few tricks to clean silver jewellery this time.

The Aluminum foil recipe – For silver jewelry that is not blackened completely this technique can be used. Take one liter water, one tablespoon of baking soda which is not baking powder and one piece of aluminum foil and bring it to a boil. Drop you silver jewelry for 10 seconds and remove with tongs. The effect is magical. The jewelry will be all shining.

Detergent wash – Detergent can make your silver jewelry sparkle just like it cleans clothes. Just try it to see the results. Line a medium-sized bowl with aluminum foil and fill with hot water. Mix one tablespoon of laundry detergent. Soak the jewelry for a minute. Rinse with clean water and dry. The jewelry will be as good as new.

Ketchup Blitz – For small spots on jewelry the tasty ketchup does wonders. Just put some on a paper towel and rub gently over the affected areas. For great effect let the ketchup dry and the wipe with cotton and rinse and dry. You can also use toothbrush with dip in ketchup for cleaning the hard to reach areas.

You can then polish the jewelry by the hand sanitizer. Just soak some in a cloth and rub it on the jewelry for the fine shine. That are some homemade tricks your jeweler will envy!

The Rewards of Craftsmanship have Sentimental Value

Published November 3, 2015 by mollyglows

As you know, I love making my own jewelry, and I’ve got a few family and friends who say my pieces, given as gifts, have great sentimental value. I remember those necklaces specifically. They were clay beads threaded on narrow suede strips and painted in natural shades of green, brown and terracotta. I remember how easy it was, taking just a marble-size ball of clay and squeezing it for just a minute or so. Instead of moulding it into a ball, I flattened mind into a rough-edged, flat circle.
beads supplies
I remember those days I didn’t have the right tools yet and I simply used a pencil to put a small hole in it for the leather or suede to go through. I popped them into the oven and baked them for about 30 minutes at about 270°. Hooray! Perfect, and then I painted them. I remember I went onto the Internet and looked up some details on pottery designs from the southwestern pueblo people and found some awesome styles and designs. Everyone is creative, and look how thrilled my family were to receive my gifts which they still wear. Do a bit of research and maybe you’ll find that your talents also lie in jewellery

A commission has come in. Yea!!

Published September 6, 2015 by mollyglows

Well I am taking a break from my wire jewelry to go back to some bead weaving because…drum roll! I have some orders, it’s been a case of someone admiring something I’d done and then contacting me. I have been asked to do 20 necklaces in an African beaded style called the African Helix, for a dance presentation, so I am in for a few frustrating days as they are all same design and colours but it’s my first commission and I am so excited. I have done these before but take a look at this African helix tutorial if you want to learn how. I’ve been asked to do the colours fuchsia and blue and I found these fantastic fuchsia beads on the GJ beads site, they arrived today and they are gorgeous and go really well with some blue beads I already have.

Fuchsia lined crystal 25g Miyuki beads for African Heliz necklaces

Gorgeous aren’t they?


I also eventually got around to ordering my loom from the same site, I ordered the Ricks Bead Loom  and it’s looking good, not actually got around to using it yet but will soon as I plan to get started on Christmas presents – beaded bracelets very soon. I like to do so many a month so I don’t get overwhelmed and as I already have 6 orders for some I will have to start earlier this year. I also bought myself a book on designs for beading on a loom and through it and there are some really interesting designs I would like to have a go on.  I have also found a lovely pattern for Elven queen bracelet  and quite fancy one for myself, so might take a night out and make one.

An essential tool for jewelry making a Ricks Bead Loom

Ricks Bead Look


Begin with Simple Wire Jewellery

Published July 9, 2015 by mollyglows

Want to learn how to make simple but very effective wire jewelry? When people hear that my jewelry making includes working with wire, they always think I’ve got some heavy machinery in my jewelry making studio. I always reply by saying ‘look at what primitive man achieved with their minimum of tools.’ With a few simple tools, I’ve learned to take up a wide variety of metal-working techniques.


Metal is so versatile that the creative design possibilities are endless once you know the basic techniques. When you think of it, many early pieces of jewelry were based on patterns created with wire which had been made by hand! Fascinating pieces of jewelry can be made from various types of wire. What I love about wire is that you can twist and turn wire and make some interesting pieces, particularly when you bring in other materials like leather for instance and interesting stones.

Economically, it’s a good idea to start with materials like copper pr silver-plated wire to practice bending it. Making use of simple tools like pliers, metal file and wire cutters, my first jewellery project I remember was a silver plated wire bracelet with and interest bead attached to it.

With some basic jewellery making techniques from the Internet, like me, you’ll soon be moving towards more progressive techniques and a better quality tool.

A Dazzling Jewelry Box of Unique Hand-Made Pieces

Published May 7, 2015 by mollyglows


I’ve discovered that sometimes brilliant colours created by enamelling even the simplest pieces make jewellery makings a fascinating craft. Even with metal, I’m slowly learning how to turn wire, brass, copper and silver into intricate jewelery with nothing more complicated than a pair of pliers. I’ve also discovered that with a few modern lightweight little jewelry making tools, easily available with short term loans from companies likehttps://www.ferratum.co.uk/affiliate_program, it is possible to solder, weld, cut, cast and etch at home and make some unique jewelery pieces.

I’ve discovered that the first steps in jewelery making are often the most exciting, With just a few threading and knotting techniques and just a little bit of knowledge of the right threads and fastenings, I’ve actually created a dazzling treasure chest of necklaces and bracelets. Another bonus with learning to make jewelery, is that you can also fix up any broken pieces, but thats just by the way. I’ve literally become carried away with making my pet love…necklaces.

Preparing for Contests

I’m planning on entering jewelery making contests, and  just love seeing the unique and very personal pieces emerging. Jewelery making can be surprisingly inexpensive too, and craft shops, believe me, are literal Aladdin’s Caves for jewelery makers like me. I’m talking about glass beads, wooden balls, rough cut stones, bamboo and ceramics cut in myriads of shapes. You’ll find wire, string, leather, fishing nylon.. simply put, you find exactly what you want. Once you’ve learned how to drill holes, mould clay and work metal… you’ll be carried away with enthusiasm like me as you strive towards well-finished, amazing looking  jewelry.

Boost your Designs with Jewelry Contests

Published March 7, 2015 by mollyglows
Wire sculpture jewelry

Wire sculpture jewelry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are like me, you feel like your skills will never meet those of established jewelry artists. Not those who work for large jewelry businesses, but those whose photos appear on sites like Pinterest. The intricate wraps, and innovative mounts holding semi-precious gemstones are intimidating! You also cannot depend on the opinions offered by friends and family. They might not know the first thing about wire wrapped jewelry, or hope you’ll reward their favorable opinions with free jewelry. Have you considered entering a jewelry contest?

Jewelry contests can create name recognition, but also lets you hear opinions from people, known for their own design talents. They have an eye for structure, form and durability. Your entry’s winning, placing or warranting honorable mention adds a little prestige to your portfolio, and ethical padding to your resume, if you seek work teaching jewelry sculpture skills.

Best of all, you can try new bead and wire combinations, and get feedback, before you try selling similar pieces. Why waste time and money creating several unusual pieces, then discovering the market won’t accept them? Instead, enter a contest and get a relatively free analysis of a single piece, before placing its image on your website.

I won’t be ready,  this year, but I’m working on a few designs for next year’s contests. I’ve chosen beautiful cloisonnes focals, Swarovski crystal beads and a peacock blue/green rattail cord for my first piece, and may  continue that color scheme through a broach and ring. It won’t be a set, but the pieces will be compatible.

Have you considered entering a jewelry contest?